Pumpkin Spiced Scones

Pumpkin. The quintessential Fall staple, I mean is it even Fall if you do not have copious amounts of pumpkin spice?? To keep up with my pumpkin spice quota I decided to whip up my favorite scone recipe, and add you guessed it...PUMPKIN! This recipe is everything I want and more, when thinking about the … Continue reading Pumpkin Spiced Scones

Homemade Apple Pie “Pop Tarts”

Who doesn't love pop tarts? A warm or cold... hand pie filled with sugary goodness. Since it's Fall I thought I would mix up the traditional apple pie, and make it into one of my favorite child hood treats. These Apple "Pop Tarts" are filled with cinnamon-apple goodness, and topped with brown sugar glaze. They … Continue reading Homemade Apple Pie “Pop Tarts”